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For many years, organisations have been relying on the combination of the written word and still images to deliver a message via the Internet.


As well as breathing fresh new life into your website, the introduction of a Virtual Tour will allow your potential clients to feel as if they are actually there and allow them to make an informed decision based on what they see.

A Virtual Tour will Bring Your Website to Life

The enlightened potential client of today has a multitude of choices to contend with. The difference today however is with the amount of information available, they are prepared to invest valuable time researching BEFORE they decide who to see or what to buy. With today's hectic lifestyles and schedules, time is of the essence and none should be wasted on worthless journeys.

Here are some examples:

  • If you're potentially looking to move home, you want to know what you're going to see BEFORE you decide to view any potential property, especially if an element of travel is involved.

  • If you're arranging that special occasion, perhaps a birthday celebration or Wedding, you want to know what a facility has to offer BEFORE you invest time in a visit.

  • If you're going on holiday, you want to know that your hotel room and swimming pool are exactly as you expected, BEFORE you make that booking. Unexpected surprises on holiday are not a good idea, especially unpleasant ones.

  • If you're arranging a Hospitality Event or Conference, you want to know the location is suitable for the numbers required, what layout can be expected and that your guests will be comfortable in the surroundings. All this you will want to assess BEFORE you invest the time on a personal visit.

  • At different stages of everyone's life, difficult decisions may have to be made. A child looking to start nursery or an elderly relative needing professional care. You want to know that your loved ones are in the right hands and you'll spend time assessing the possibilities BEFORE you go to visit.

Converse to this, EVERY individual or organisation is vying for the business or for the sale and is investing in developing and improving their offering, to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. This is worthless unless it is then marketed properly and showcased to the world in it's true splendour.

So what benefits will a Virtual Tour bring??  Some Facts:

  • A client recently asked the question via an on-line Survey. "Would you be more or less likely to view a Showhome having seen the virtual tour first" Answer - Over 80% of on-line viewers said MORE.
  • Visitors remain on Websites that include Virtual Tours, three times longer than those that don't. If there's a 360 Virtual Tour available, you will view it.
  • It increases the number of visitors and the re-call value of prospective clients.
  • More customers than ever will contact you after viewing a Virtual Tour. It will increase your sales and bookings. Customer Service levels will also increase as there are fewer surprises.
  • Your potential customer expects a Virtual Tour. The vast majority of people making a decision to buy are not made financially but are made emotionally, based on what they see and their own gut-feel.


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